From repairs to solar installation, to a complete replacement, SK Remodeling will give you a roof made to withstand the harshest California elements.

A roof over head – after all the shine and glitter is taken away, that’s what your home is. But not all roofs are made equal. From solar panels to cool roofs, the top of your house is capable of more than just keeping the rain out these days, which is why it’s important you have the right contractor to install your replacement roof or make repairs.

 At SK Remodeling, we make your roof work for you. Whether you want energy independence, a lower electricity bill, or simply want a roof that will last you for decades to come, we’re your top choice for roof construction in the Bay Area.

Turn to a roofing contractor you can trust.

We work with a variety of roofs- from flat, cool, shingles, zinc, stone, masonry, traditional, to everything in between. Whatever your vision for the top of your house – from high tech to classic – SK Remodeling can help.

SK Remodeling offers:

  • Roof Installation
  • Roof Insulation
  • Roof Realignment
  • Roof Replacement

Cool Roof

Make your house a haven from the San Francisco heat with a cool roof.

Delivering higher solar reflectance, a cool roof will lower the average temperature of your home by as much as 100 degrees (based on Energy Star information). By installing a cool roof, SK Remodeling can help you save on your air conditioning cost.