Sometimes the greatest luxury in life is making a difference. Do it with SK Remodeling.

Whether you’re looking at increasing the value of your house, going green or becoming self reliant, we can help make your transition to solar energy as efficient as possible.

The Bay Area is the perfect place for solar, with an average of 259 sunny days a year, over 50 days above the national average. That’s 259 days you could be energy efficient and creating your own energy. And, with the constant march of technology, solar panels are getting more efficient, and more enticing every year.

With the newest technology and custom solutions for your home, we can build you a solar power system that fits your needs, lowers your impact on the environment, and the energy company’s effect on your wallet. You may even be an eligible candidate for California’s tax credits regarding solar consumers.

We handle all the permits required for your new addition and ensure everything is up to code, allowing a smooth transition from old energy to new.