Operating out of the San Francisco Bay Area, SK Remodeling is a family-run, home remodeling company, dedicated to bringing every part of your dream home to life. 

Owned and managed by Shiran Koriat, SK Remodeling is about connection. Your home is an intimate space for friends and family, and when a contractor who is neither comes in to remake it, the results can be jarring.

At SK remodeling we are honored to be guests, not only inside your home, but as a part of the vision to create your ideal home. We want to be the connection between your dream and your house, making for you the perfect place to spend time with friends, raise a family, or just relax inside its sanctuary.

Through this connection, and through the aid of a professional home remodeling team, SK Remodeling designs and installs your dream space, all within your budget, all within your timeline, ensuring our work doesn’t disrupt your life.